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Connectable with WordPress

It is now possible to connect the Qmaze Product Configurator with WordPress/Woocommerce, this way you can now reach your clients trough a WordPress platform, or let your clients get in touch with the one product configurator that knows no limits.

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About us

Quadriceps Products specializes in logistics IT solutions. Since the establishment of the organization in 2000, much has happened both within the organization and in the world outside. Economic changes and promoting and improved technologies have a constant development of software, but also the development of employees is paramount. Momenteel heeft Quadriceps de volgende producten in haar portfolio Qmaze, Q4Cast en TimeOnTime. Voor deze producten staat de ontwikkeling niet stil en wordt er elke dag door ontwikkeld. Daarnaast zijn we altijd op zoek naar vernieuwingen en unieke projecten. Verder worden onze medewerkers regelmatig ingezet voor korte en middellange detacheringsprojecten op het gebied van onder andere ERP, CRM en projectmanagement.


Qmaze is compatible with all browsers

Qmaze is completely responsive and can be used perfectly on a smartphone, tablet or PC, MAC or Linux computer. All browsers like IE, Firefox, Google and Opera are supported

Clean & Simple
Qmaze is easy. End users do not need an education, the usage speaks for itself. Basic training is sufficient to build and maintain Qmaze models.
Easy to adjust
No customer is the same. Our software is designed for this. Both the program logic and the layout can easily be adapted to your wishes. Without customization or costly adjustments!
Start your implementation
The implementation of Qmaze is super fast. You will have a working system within a few weeks!
Full support
We are there for you if you need help.
We have all the knowledge to help you with building models, your website design and realization, interfaces with ERP / CRM or even 3D modeling.
Qmaze has been developed with the most recent Web techniques and Database techniques.

What do our clients say?

Starline is using Qmaze for some time now. Besides saving time in order entry Qmaze has great number of benefits.

The bottom-line for Starline is that the quality of tenders has increased tremendously, while the order process is much more efficient and has become shorter.

Tom Veldhuizen